CARRADICE, located in the Northern England town of Nelson, is the last British firm still making traditional cycling bags. Carradice makes all of these products on premises using methods that have been relied on since the 1930s. Using proven, sturdy, waterproof, cotton duck fabric, Caradice makes a unique line of products that is renowned for quality and durability. About a dozen people work at Carradice producing bags in batches of 5. There are Carradice bags for commuting and recreational cycling, day rides and expedition tours. Carradice produces a complete range of equipment to meet the needs of experienced cycle tourists as well as those who are not so experienced.
Many expeditions have been sponsored using Carradice gear. In the 1970s/80s they sponsored the renowned long distance cycle adventurer Ian Hibel. Wilf Carradice started the firm in the 1930s when his homemade saddle bag drew favorable attention from his fellows. Neville Chadwick was a keen cyclist and was engaged in doing the Carradice books on the side while working as finance director for a large textile firm. When Wilf wanted to retire in the 1970s, Neville saw an opportunity and he bought the firm from Wilf. Now Neville's son, David Chadwick, is the man in charge at Carradice.
A History of Carradice, by Steve Griffiths, on Classic Lightweights UK