Brooks Cambium C17

Black Brooks C17 Cambium
Brooks Cambium C.17 saddle, natural colorBrooks Cambium C.17 saddleBrooks Cambium nose detailnatural and slate colors, Brooks Cambium

Brooks Cambium C17

Winner of the 2013 Eurobike Gold award for componentry, the new Brooks Cambium isn't leather but it stays organic, being made of vulcanized rubber with a cotton skin. The new saddle promised comfort, durability and style.

Features of the Cambium

  • 162mm X 283mm
  • Two colors - slate and natural
  • Flexible for comfort and vibration dampening
  • Organic cotton textile
  • Brooks Numac waterproofing
  • Maintenance free
  • Easily repairable due to Berthoud-like construction
  • Die-cast aluminum structure
  • Tubular stainless steel rails

This saddle comes with the Wallingford Bicycle Parts six-month unconditional guarantee.

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Cambium Saddle


 I've ridden the Cambium on a 200 and 300k Brevet.

 I am sold.

 I expierienced no saddle sores. I did have to tip the nose up half a bubble from level

 to sit my trochanters in the comfort zone.

 The 300k was done in very rainy weather. It was liberating not to worry about

 protecting the saddle.

brooks cambium

I've been using many brooks saddles over the years.  Hesitant at first, purchased the cambium & was able to do a 3 hr bike ride first time.  Did 2 more 4 hr  bike rides and found the saddle extremely comfortable.  I am very particular about where my sit bones & parts sit and this saddle is one of the best out there..... for my bum.